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Support the BJE

The BJE is busy! We are working to meet the needs of every Jewish student and teacher in the Greater Boston area. To accomplish this we:

  • Run Video conferences with students and teachers in Boston and Haifa.
  • Conduct an Early Childhood Conference in April, with 20+ Israeli educators, and 300 local teachers.
  • Help reshape the Professional development programs at 11 local schools, affecting over 30 teachers through the Mandel Teachers Educator Institute.
  • Send 20 teenagers to the Ukraine and Haifa on BJE Havayah.
  • Promote and help manage Minyan MeYOUchad for Special Needs youngsters.
  • Advocate with the State for Special Needs funding.
  • Develop and Research new and unique Publications about Israel
  • Conduct monthly Forums for Educational Lay Leaders and Principals
  • Staff monthly Professional Networks for Youth, Early Childhood, Special Education, and Family Educators

We are set to launch new efforts that advocate for the support and success of congregational learning, based on clear and high standards of Judaic literacy in synagogue schools. Soon to be published is an article about this effort, to appear as a lead article in the forthcoming Jewish Education News published by the Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education (CAJE). In the coming months we shall provide professional development opportunities in every area of Jewish education. We shall visit 35 schools to help advocate for the education agenda. We are preparing for our  Annual Celebration and Keter Torah Awards ceremony.

And of course, there really is much more. With all of this activity, funding for the Bureau is essential. Please consider a gift for this year which will keep the BJE strong and fully able to meet the needs of Jewish students and teachers in our area.

Please send your gift today to the BJE, Inc.,  P.O. Box 600, Brookline, MA 02446


For a full list of opportunities for donations, contact Dr. Daniel Margolis, Exec. Director, at 617-965-7350

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