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These podcasts are made available for educational, non derivative, non-commercial use by the Boston Bureau of Jewish Education’s Center for Educational Resources and Technology as part of the Norman B. Cohen Jewish Media Project.

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Meeting the Other Half Way (more info)
A series of seminars offered by New Directions in Catholic-Jewish Dialogue and sponsored jointly by the BJE, the Anti-Defamation League, New England Region and the Archdiocese of Boston.

When Longings Meet Reality (more info)

Passing On The Faith (more info)

A Conversation with Roland Barth (more info)

Meeting the Other Half Way
This five-part seminar for Jewish educators on understanding Christianity was offered by New Directions in Catholic-Jewish Dialogue and sponsored jointly by the BJE, the Anti-Defamation League, New England Region and the Archdiocese of Boston. Taught by Catholic educator, Celia Sirois and Jewish educator, Naomi Towvim, the seminar was designed to help Jewish educators provide a safe, open place for students to ask questions about Christianity, and to be able to answer them in a knowledgeable, respectful way.  The seminar helps Jewish educators understand the history of the troubled yet close relationship between Judaism and the Christianity, between Jews and Christians, and the events that have profoundly changed it in the last forty years.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Christianity But Were Afraid to Ask
- Recorded January 31, 2008 (download)

Jewish educators often have questions about Catholics, Catholicism and Christianity in general.  Celia Sirois, a Catholic educator met with Jewish educators on January 31st at the BJE to answer their questions about Catholicism, concerning everything from the Trinity to Salvation.  This informal question and answer session was added “by popular demand” to the "Meeting the Other Half Way" seminar.

Master Stories: Easter and Pesah
- Recorded March 18, 2008 (download)
- Materials: (Passion Narrative - General Outline) (Glossary of Christian Terms) (The Exultet)

The “master stories” of Jews and Christians intersect in their respective spring festivals of Pesah and Easter.  In their Easter observances Christians reread the Exodus story in the light of the death and rising of Jesus. While these stories are central to the differences between Judaism and Christianity, they also share remarkable similarities. Until recently, their retelling of the story of Jesus’ death blamed all Jews for his crucifixion. Jews, for their part, in the Haggadah, pray that God pour out His wrath upon “the nations who do not know Him”—for many years understood as Christians.  In light of the Church’s rejection of the so-called “deicide charge”—i.e., the charge condemning all Jews for the death of Jesus, whom Christians acclaim as Son of God—should Jews revisit their Haggadah?

The Catholic Church Today: What Has Changed?
- Recorded April 29, 2008 (download)
- Materials: (Outline) (D'var Torah) (Nostra Aetate 4) (Masekhet Brakhot 10a) (Oratio Fidelium)

The Second Vatican Council of 1965 changed 2000 years of anti-Jewish teachings on the part of the Roman Catholic Church. This session looks at Nostra Aetate, and why is it so significant for the Jewish Community.  How do these changes affect Jewish response to Catholic decisions such as permitting a revised use of the Latin Good Friday prayer?  Father David Michael from the Archdiocese of Boston joins the seminar to clarify some of these issues and Dr. Daniel Margolis, Executive Director of the BJE shares a d’var Torah about holiness and justice.


When Longings Meet Reality
Video Conference With Rachel Korazim
- Recorded February 14, 2008 (download)
- Materials: (English Materials) (Hebrew Materials)
(Amos Oz Materials)

Based on one of the first paragraphs of the Declaration of independence, this session offers a chronological exploration of the longing to Zion and meetings with its reality. Popular songs and poetry put to music will be the milestones as we move from Tsiyon Tamati, a song of longing to Eretz Israel from the early years of Zionism, all the way to Ein li Eretz Acheret by Ehud Manor.

Passing on the Faith
Transforming Tradition for the Next Generation of Jews
A community conversation with Father James L. Heft S.M.
- Recorded May 21, 2008 (download)
- Materials: (Passing on the Faith)

All of the major religious traditions in the United States are encountering a democratic, consumerist culture that threatens the transmission of tradition to today’s youth. Father James L. Heft author of Passing on the Faith: Transforming the Next Generation of Jews, Christians and Muslims discusses these and other critical issues facing today’s Jewish educators.

A Conversation with Roland Barth
Roland Barth Presents to the Directors of Congregational Learning Network
- Recorded September 19, 2008 (download)
- Materials: (JSD Interview) (The Culture Builder) (Transparency used by Roland Barth)

Roland S. Barth is a former teacher, principal, and member of the faculty of Harvard University, where he founded the Harvard Principals' Center and the International Network of Principals' Centers. In this podcast he discusses the quest for promoting profound learning.

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